Quick colour of a panel from Ill Gotten Goods. Needed a new Android wallpaper.

Kind of tempted to colour the whole comic like this now, but the effort…

Still going

Pro as hell signature now ranking me with Matisse, Picasso and other mid-weight artists.

Note to future generations:

If you see a Fionn Jordan on Antiques Roadshow, identify it with this mark and don’t accept any value less than £800,000 + inflation. Also kudos to Antiques Roadshow for keeping going so long. Good show.

Bit of watercolour stuff in between actual work. HIT HIM!

Personal watercolour stuff

Been a bit tardy, but started inking and painting this Zelda poster.

Ill Gotten Goods p4.

Mr Pon’s Empwhoream.

Testing some new pens

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Some comic pages for you all. First 3 pages of Ill Gotten Goods (sans one panel). More soon!

Tfw you paint on non-waterproof ink and realise you were optimistic


These went down a storm at Lakes International Comic Festival. Met some cool people too. Thanks everyone who bought my prints that weekend.

You can buy them in my store now as well, and I assure you they look wicked in physical format!

If you want more than one poster, message me and I’m sure I can sort some multibuy discounts out.


Website overhauled, now with a SHOP, so you can buy some wicked prints.

Above is a self-portrait.

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