Yo! Been wanting to share this pic for ages (top) but had to wait until it was out in print. Commission to show off what you can do with the new Derwent Graphic fineliners. They’re really sweet, honestly better than dross I usually use.

Check out this zine they’ve done to show off the work, some really good artists in it. Looks like I made the cover because I’m just really cool.

Whole zine was designed by my mate Yvette Earl, check out her website, she does like acid coloured new age hippie cat things, I don’t really know how to describe it.

»> www.yvette-earl.co.uk «<

Mah MCM table. If you’re around swing by and take a look. N.b. that is not me

If anyone is at MCM Manchester Comic Con this weekend, you can find me selling posters, comics, tees and doing commissions. Not sure what stall number I am, but I’ll be selling these 100% totally Hyrulian watercolour Zelda posters and a load of other stuff so come and drop by!

More pics of my goods for sale soon


Zelda stuff soon

Ill Gotten Goods will also feature

Dynamic Action Sequences

Alright dudes, been ages since I last uploaded - been very busy with a plethora if things.

Anyway, here’s a pic of some Asian prostitutes, which is apparently my main talent. On the last bits of Ill Gotten Goods issue 1, so that’ll be available soon.

Also watch out for some uploads of stuff I’ll have on sale at MCM Manchester next month. Save your pennies and come spend it on my prints, comics and tees.

Fionn out

P.S. This is what Japan looks like, right?

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You know how most gaming channels on youtube are by maximum tossers? I’d rather live in a medieval leper village than with TotalBiscuit and all those other sons of whores, but Mikey T Gaming is different. Why?

Because I’m in some of the videos.

Now watch this stuff.

S-s-s-splash pages

The true meaning of Tolerance.

Introducing Magnus From The West

one-more-troubled-soul-punk asked: Your snail babies are so cute aww

They are until they grow into a 400 strong legion of salmonella slime warriors.

Do you want some?


Quick colour of a panel from Ill Gotten Goods. Needed a new Android wallpaper.

Kind of tempted to colour the whole comic like this now, but the effort…